Level 05: Come and Take Your Medecine
A huge level... but it can be completed very quickly if you follow the steps below. However, a bit of exploration may yield some interesting information, items and other opportunities...

When you teleport to this level you'll be surprised by a few Drones. Get rid of them, then check out the terminal above. Now head down the stairs to the right. More bad dudes!

When you've killed off the bad guys, go to wall where three switches are located. Using your fist, punch all three. A door to your left will open. Kill the two troopers in here then head through the door at the far end.

Ahead you'll see another switch. Once again, use your fist to break it. Now go around the switch. Here you'll find another switch. Break it as well. Now head back to first terminal on this level and teleport out. Easy, huh?