Level 04: What About Bob?

This level is a fun extermination level. Thankfully there are plenty of BOBs to help you out. When you teleport to this level, let the BOBs do most of the work. Now go to the back of this area. You'll find a doorway . Go through it.

Like magic, Durandal will surprise you with a few goodies. Pick up the loot and then head back through the doorway.

Check out this terminal, then head up the stairs to the right. Now I know this sounds crazy, but jump into the shaft upstairs. When you land you'll be approached by a wild bunch of monsters. Kill them, then make your way through a maze of rooms and stairs until you come a large area surrounded by lava. More bad guys ahead. Take care of them with a few shots. Don't open the large door ahead. Instead, head to the right until you...

...find this terminal. Recharge, save your game, then read the terminal.

Now hit the switch to the right of the terminal. A platform on the other side of this wall will rise up from the lava. Go to the platform outside.

Using your fist, break the first circuit. Now head to the second circuit in the other room beyond the large doors.

When you break the second circuit, the pool of lava you see before you will rise... quickly. If you have a grenade handy, chuck it at the circuit, then run like hell to the right and up the winding stairs. If you don't have a grenade, you'll have to punch the circuit to break it.

You'll eventually come to a long pier. To the right you'll see a few BOBs duke it out with a couple of bad guys. Let them have all the fun for now. Jump to your left (be careful with the lava).

Now head through this hallway. More BOBs will teleport down to help you in your battle. After you've cleaned out this area, turn around and go back. Head straight through the doorway ahead. At the doorway, make a left.

MORE BOBs, they're everywhere! After you demolish the aliens here, go to the south doorway.
Hey, check it out, more fighting BOBs! Do your thang then head back north. You'll eventually come to a flight of stairs. To the right you'll find a few more BOBs. Kill the remaining monsters.

After dealing as much damage as possible find the exit terminal and get out of here.