Level 03: Charon Doesn't Make Change

After you check out this terminal, head down the stairs to the left. You'll be swarmed by a pack of hungry F'lickta and Fighters. KnockÕ em off, then head...

...down these stairs to the left. Watch out, more F'lickta!

Recharge at the charging station, then head through the hallway to the right. DON'T activate that terminal to the left just yet.

When you get to a cluster of stairs, take them up (it takes some skill to get up there).

Hit the 2x recharge and take a puff on the oxygen recharge. Now go back to the terminal I told you to hold off on. Go ahead and activate the terminal until you teleport out.

You'll be teleported to a swampy area full of F'lickta. Here's where it gets a little tricky. What you need to do is wait around for a while. You'll soon see the water level rising. Be careful, the F'lickta will attack you once you start making some noise. When the water level gets about waist high, swim to the other side (on the picture above it's the lighted room in the distance).

When you get to the room across the water, turn around. You'll see off in the distance, a room with a number of terminals. Swim back.

Once you get here, activate the terminal on the right to teleport out of here.

You'll be teleported to a dark hollow room. Step to the upper-left. A set of stairs will suddenly appear. Climb up the stairs. More bloody F'lickta! Kill them then activate the red terminal. Once again you'll be teleported. Kill the remaining F'licktas in this room then head out the door.

Make your way back to this terminal to teleport out. Now wasn't that a piece of cake?