Level 02: The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune
The second level begins with immediate action but the quick and resourceful player should have no problem.

Kill the aliens as soon as possible. However, notice that there is animosity between the P'fhor and the F'lickta... it makes you wonder... After finishing them off turn right down to corridor to the first terminal.

The first terminal will show you where you're at (marked Terminal above) and the exit point for this level (marked "To the exit"). If you're not in an exploratory mood you can head straight to the exit to move on to the next level.

There's a secret area right before you get to the exit. To get to it go to the pillar pictured above on the top right. Hit Tab and get ready for some monsters. After you've cleaned the room, go to the pillar to the bottom left and hit Tab. You'll see a switch. Hit it, then run to the northeast pillar. You'll see another secret hallway inside the secret room. Enjoy the show!

When you're done having fun, return to this point to teleport to the next level.