Level 01: Waterloo Waterpark
As the initial level begins you are introduced your comrades, the BOBs, and to your enemies, not only on land but also in water. The primary goal of this level is to introduce Durandal and to equip you with the AR (assault rifle) and if you're smart, the shotgun.

After the BOBs have taken care of the aliens as you arrive, walk forward and hang a left at the first door. This is the first terminal on the level and will provide you with vital information on how to complete it.

Turning right after reading the terminal you can see a light switch. Activate it to illuminate the room beyond. After that go ahead and jump down into the room but be ready to fight.

As you make your way towards your objectives don't forget to pick up some helpful ammo on the way. If you check your inventory list you'll notice that some of the ammunition is for the AR... is that a hint?

In the "Room of Long Shadows" there's a secret door which will lead to an elevator and the shotgun - arguably the best piece of equipment ever issued.

Ah! The shotgun - any weapon-toting vigilante's best friend.

On the level there are two Uplink Chips - this is the first location. Pick it up and place it into the receptacle in front of you.

The second Uplink Chip.

To exit the level you have to get back to the first terminal - to do that activate this switch to open the door up ahead. You may notice by the some of the images above that the player is carrying the Assault Rifle (AR) - which means that there is one on the level, somewhere.