Level 08: Ex Cathedra
The first goal of this level is to gain entrance to the main altar at the heart of the complex. This will require quite a lot of work, and even after that is done, you're only halfway there.

First off, go and read the terminal in front of you when you arrive. Then head to the left and find the re-charger - if you need one.

To open the doors properly find the entrance to the underground waterway. These will lead you to a large open area.

In the middle of this open area there's a collection of circuits that need to be destroyed. Once destroyed the temple doors will open.

Inside the chapel thereีs a 2x re-charger in one of the alcoves, and believe me, you will need it.

On the altar there's a chip. Use this to activate the platform at the very top of the temple so that you may enter the rooms beyond and to find the exit terminal.

The chip needs to be inserted into a holder located under water. This location is outside the chapel and is heavily guarded. <