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Marathon EVIL

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You might want to leave the lights on after this one...

As you and the BOBs return to the Sol system, you come across the ruins of an ancient society - though you shortly find out that the ruins aren't completely abandoned.

Discovering advanced technology, you and your shipmates discover a race even more powerful than the S'pht'Kr, and with a secret just as deadly.

To prevent the end of the universe, you must find their secret, and still make it back in time for a good cup of coffee.

[General Tips]

Becuase of several new enemies and new weapons, many of the same tricks that worked for Marathon or its sequels fail to work here. Be warned.

Regarding weapons...

Regarding monsters...

Saving ammo on in this scenario is key. There is just enough to finish the game with what is made available, but you will have to rely on the Pfhor staff many times to keep your ammo supply up.

Make sure that you recharge and save often, even if it means navigating a tough section of the map (sans monsters, of course). There aren't many of these terms, so use them as much as possible.

Solo Levels

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