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Tempus Infinity - Solo Levels

33 Mt. Vesuvius 2: Electric Boogaloo

Tips and Secrets

As the second half of Mt. Vesuvius, you are now inside the stronghold in the middle of the volcano, and you about to grab the document. In the first room the document sits alone on a pedestal, but by now, you know to expect an ambush - as soon as you touch the document, you are surrounded by bad guys. Furthermore, an alarm sounds - at this point, you have 60 seconds to get out of the structure and to safety before a bomb planted in the volcano by the Pfhor goes off, and causes the volcano to activate.

The first thing to do is to find the door that will get you out of the vault. You can run a few circles around the baddies to get them to start fighting each other, then make your way to the western door, which is the only active one. Hit the switch , and get ready to take out two Hunters that guard the outside hallway. There are a few inactive transporters in this hallway - you should ignore them and then race towards the northern side, where you'll see another airlock. Use this to get out of the vault area, and slip through the rock to get to the surface, taking out the Enforcer that guards this area.

At this point, remember those Juggers you saw at the start of Mt. Vesuvius? Well, now they're training their sights on you, and are joined by some Hunters and Troopers. Do your best to ignore the enemy fire, and circumvent the volcano to make for the elevator on the southern side of the crater. You should be able to time your dodges as to jump on the elevator when it's in its lowest position, *and* in plenty of time to avoid the explosion and rising lava from the bomb.

Once safely at the top of the elevator, a short path will take you to the true exit transporter pad.

No secrets on this level.

Map Making Notes

The timing of the "explosion" (another 'nuclear hard death' tick) and lava flow is set up by 4 platforms, which are triggered by you crossing a point close to the document pedestal. The "explosion" one is timed 60 second (the height of the poly and the speed of the platform), while the lava rise has already been started, starting at a REALLY low level and then being at the flooding stage after 60 seconds.

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