Blasted Vent Cores
level view - Salinger Plank

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Author: C Lund

Notes: This level was originally made for "The Salinger Incident", which used the infinity textures. As a result, it has been retextured at least three times. The "completion" of the mission involves stepping on the polygon on which chip c lies and putting a chip in uplink slot 3. All it does is give the terminals to Lysander.

Warning: If you're playing v1.0 of Rubicon, you should be aware of a rather serious bug has been found in this level. There are four chip slots that need to be filled. But the bug will let you access a fifth slot if you insert chips into slots 1, 2, and 4. If the fourth chip is placed in that fifth slot there is a very high propability of the level becoming unplayable. Fixing this bug will probably involve some minor changes to the map.

Mission Type: Repair and exploration.


  1. Entry point. Watch out for friendly fire.

  2. This is the hub of the level. There are four uplink slots here, and the chips are scattered throughout the level. As noted above, there is a bug in the v1.0 version of the map that will render this level unplayable. Make sure to fill all the four chip slots here before placing uplink chips anywhere else, and you'll be safe. Make sure to save once all four slots are filled.

  3. a-d The four chips are in these four locations. a and b should be easily to reach. To get to c, the player will probably have to enter the sewage section and take the lift up to the second floor. d can't be reached until one or two other chips have been inserted, and yes, the Bobs will get in your way.

  4. a-d Follow this path to leave the level. There is an oxygen recharger in the room east of a. There are troopers north of c, and hunters at d.

  5. Log on and be taken to "The Gators of New York".


  1. a-c Before anything else is done, flip the two switches on the back of the uplink chip slots at 2. That will enable the uplink slot at a. The chip that goes in a is carried by the grey hunter in this area. The only way to get to that hunter is by killing it without blowing it up; ie no explosives or fusion weapons. Your best bet are shotguns, fists, or the AR machinegun fire. Once the fifth chip is in it's place, the door at b opens. Log on to c to be taken to "The White Room". Make sure to save first.

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