the Gators of NY
level view - Salinger Plank

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Author: C Lund

Notes: This is yet another Salinger level, and like all the others it's been retextured more times than I liked. The level play itself is fairly straightforeward. Just visit all the areas and make sure you kill everything pfhor. The walkthrough for this level is rather rudimentary.

Mission Type: Extermination.


  1. Entry point. You'll also be leaving by these teleporters when the mission is complete. You'll wind up in "Hex Level 73" via "Rozinante V". Don't forget to pick up the x3 rocket launcher that will teleport in behind you.

  2. There is a hulk in here and chances are several hunters will also enter to join the battle.

  3. This is one of many ways to enter the sewage section. There is no real need to get your feet wet.

  4. When you have cleared out as much of the sewers as you can, take one of these platforms up.

  5. Weapons and ammo can be found here.

  6. The section you can see from here is not accessable. It's just for show.

  7. Don't forget to clear out this section of the map.

  8. If the you log on here when the level is complete you'll be taken straight to "10001 Nordic Nerds" instead of being told to go to the teleporters.

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