Hex Level 73
level view - Pfhor Plank

Help Details:
Author: Tim Thomas made the polygons, and C Lund put down the textures, shades, monsters, sounds, and so on.

Notes: This is one of Tim Thomas's Insane Mazes™. Heed Durandal's instructions or else!
The odd blue lighting was an experiment inspired by the lighting effects in Shadow Warrior (and probably also Duke Nukem - but I never played that game). Whether it was a success or not isn't for me to say. I hope I can make it work better with the full AO version.

Mission Type: Repair.


  1. Entry point. You will be attacked by a hunter.

  2. Head up these stairs. Mind the looker behind the pillar. Be prepared for trouble when you open the door.

  3. There is an access channel on either side of this point. Pick one and jump in. If you can't jump all the way down because of the very narrow ledges, find a wall that doesn't have a ledge and run torwads it. Once down, flip the switch and head for 4. You get there by going down and staying in the main tunnel. Return here and flip the other switch. Then you're done. Log onto any terminal and be taken to "Science Stands Alone" via "Things May Happen III".

  4. This place is marked by a band of white lights. They lead towards a platform. Take it. Keep going along the northern rim of the map in a clockwise direction until you get to 5. Again, look for white lights.

    Waypoint 4:

  5. Use the save terminal here. Watch out for lookers.

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