Science Stands Alone
level view - Pfhor Plank

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Author: C Lund

Notes: There are two ways to beat this map; path a and path b. The original version of the map was called "The Beast and the Box". The "jungle" section was the same as it is now, but the "box" section was completely seperated from the "jungle", and the puzzles were annoying rather than fun. That part of the map was reworked into the network level called "boombox".

Mission Type: NA


  1. Entry point. Don't waste your ammo on the MOAH. Just duck behind the trees while you head for 2.

  2. Once you have reached this location, head north and upwards along the trail. Then turn east and south until you reach 3.

  3. A lot of pillar-hopping follows this point. The first bit takes you to 4. Don't forget to use the pattern buffer behind you.

  4. This is where the path splits in two (a and b). Keep hopping from tree to tree until you reach 5 (a or b).

  5. You're done with the pillar-hopping. Now go inside.

  6. Hit this switch. Look out the window and you'll see a tree sinking into the ground. That's your next destination.

  7. This is the exit from the level. Step up on the platform and be taken to "Rozinante VI".

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