I'd Rather Be A Lutefisk
level view - Chimera Line

Help Details:
Author: C Lund

Notes: Scott wanted to know if I could make a level taking place in a submerged hangar. I said "sure". This is it. You'll find several drowned Bobs blockng your way. Use grenades to clear the way. The functioning pattern buffers are in air pockets found by swimming upwards.

Mission Type: Repair


  1. Entry point. There will be troopers attacking you the second you drop into the goop.

  2. A dead bob is blocking your way at this point. Use a grenade to get rid of him.

  3. Swim up to get to this ventilation shaft.

  4. This is where the uplink chip from "Five Fingers" goes. Beware of the major trooper; it fires seeking torpedoes/grenades.

  5. Log on and go to "We Dream You" via the first "Things May Happen" level. Note that the major trooper outside can still get you.

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