Five Finger Discount
level view - Chimera Line

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Author: Jeff Schwartz aka DOA. C Lund did some tweaking.

Notes: This is one of the best levels of the scenario (imho), and also the most intricate. It's a pity DOA didn't make more than two solo levels for Rubicon. He made tons of network levels for us though.

Mission Type: Retrieval


  1. Entry point. Some ammo will teleport in right behind you. Grab it.

  2. This is where the first uplink chip is.

  3. Hit the switch in this area. It controls the large octagonal platform to the east. You have to climb over some debris and through cracks in the walls to get here.

  4. To get back into the vent system, you have to do some fancy box-hopping and mid-air turns without stopping. This can be a bit tricky.

    Waypoint 4:

  5. Flip this switch to drop the blocks that prevented you from going through most of the fans near 1.

  6. The switch in here will give you access to 7. There will be lots of pfhor waiting for you when you leave this room.

  7. This switch opens the large doors to the south, letting you access the lift activated at 3. Entering this area will trigger invisible pfhor in the hallway outside.

  8. There are three chipslots here. Each time a chip is inserted, a new slot opens and so are several doors, letting the you explore more of the level. The last chip will make a a teleporter available. Take it.

  9. The second chip is here (or third, depending on the order in which this is done), and so is a hulk. You have been warned. Smash the wires to open the door.

  10. Smash these wires to lower some of the steps leading to 12.

  11. Shoot the switch to lower the rest of the steps mentioned in 10.

  12. The third chip is here. So are a lot of drones. More pfhor will have appeared in the hallway leading to 8 when you go back that way.

  13. Read the terminal and smash all the wires - in no particular order. This will activate the platform directly to the north and open a teleporter nearby. Take it.

  14. Flip this switch to raise the fans blocking your access to 19.

  15. Smash the wires to open the door.

  16. This switch lets you open the door visible through the screen.

  17. Flip the switch to open the door.

  18. First flip the switch to activate the "chopping doors" seen though the mesh window. Run in the direction of the window over the small box to get up on the ledge. Then head for the fan.

    Waypoint 18:

  19. Flip both switches. The first opens the large doors at the bottom of the core pit, and the second one opens the nearby doors. You'll find the area is crawling with pfhor.

  20. There are four switches here that need to be shot in sequence. Each switch opens the cover of the next switch. Take too long between shots and the switch covers will close and the sequence has to start over. The final switch activates the platform to the west. A group of hunters will be shooting at you while all this is taking place.

  21. Pick up the chip, log on, and you're done. On to "I'd rather be a lutefisk".


  1. a-d Smash the wires at a and fan c will open. The next time you go into the vents, jump from fan b to and into fan c. Go from there to d and find some ammo and a shotgun. In the original version of the level the uplink chip at 2 (the waypoint) used to be up there where the ammo is now.

    Secret 1a and 1c:

    Secret 1b and 1c:

  2. Climb onto the debris to the east and jump around until you find your way into the passage to the south. That will get you a fusion rifle.

  3. Do a grenade-hop onto the ledge and go around the corner. You'll find some ammo and a shotgun.

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