You're Wormfood, Dude

Design Credit:  Randy Reddig
Double Aught Comments:  Truncated variant of Aye Mak Sicur
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You're Wormfood Dude (Terminal 0)

Arther Frain is a Zardoz movie reference. Find out more on the Arther Frain section.

What is the USEC? Find out on the UESC/UESG section.

Opening Connection to ß.4.5-23 05.10.2337

CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) 05.10.2337

I am Arther Frain, Chief Petty Officer, USEC Marathon.
Arther Frane calling all USEC personnel
Calling Cmdr. Robert Blake...
Calling Security Chief Jones...
Arther Frain calling any USEC controlled ship in vicinity...

Station hull breached, we are losing pressurization.  More than half the men are without vacuum suits.  Patrols reporting intruder, last location unknown.

Any USEC controlled ship surviving nova event, transport when ready.

Arther Frain calling.
That is all...
PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to Scroll Return/Enter to Acknowledge

Disconnecting... 05.10.2337

CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

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