Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

I can barely tolerate humans: slow, stupid, and irritating.

Day 8 of Simon's journey into the Great Unknown

Pic 60: Onwards to Come and Take your Medicine, and we can see some minor texture changes right from the start.

Pic 61: No structural changes out there though, and certainly no sign of the fabled "lost" level yet!

Pic 62: Head down the stairs from the start position, and things start to look different. This room has been enlarged, retextured and reshaped.

Pic 63: The three circuit switches can't be seen, and a large pillar occupies one corner.

Pic 64: The reverse side of the pillar houses a switch....

Pic 65: This reveals the three circuits on the front of the pillar.

Pic 66: By looking at the map view, you can see that the circuits are in fact in the same position as before, but the room has been extended beyond them. The drone that used to start off in this room seems to have disappeared during the rebuilding work.

Pic 67: One of the circuits activates this small platform that continually rises and falls, but serves no obvious purpose.

Well you can stand on it and go up and down all day! =)

Pic 68: After this room, the appear to be no other structural changes, although there is plenty of retexuring both inside...

Pic 69: ...and out.

Pic 70: Some areas are given a whole new 'feel' by the new textures...

Pic 71: ...and lighting effects such as the shadow from this 'bridge'.

Pic 72: Unfortunately the rebuilding work left some walls untextured - this view is from the corridor overlooking the modified room. This shot was taken by flipping to map view and back again to avoid the smearing effect. Obviously Bungie don't pave their levels. Still no sign of the "lost" level.

Curiouser and curiouser...

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