Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

A few things have changed...

Day 9 of Simon's journey into the increasingly familiar.

Pic 73: The start of We're Everywhere looks promising. From the start platform, there are visible changes on the left side of the chamber ahead.

Pic 74: A small set of steps rise up out of the water making it possible to get back onto the platforms either side without having to go around to the 2x recharger.

Pic 75: The steps curve and continue down underwater as shown above.
However, the addition of the steps and lowering of the nearby ceiling appear to be the only modifications to the level. No altered textures or lighting to be found :-(

Pic 76: Just so as no one's dissapointed, here's those steps again from a different angle.

Pic 77: Despite extensive searching and comparisons, I couldn't find any changes between the Mac and Win95 versions of Ex Cathedra. Maybe Bungie were getting bored by this point. Maybe they had deadlines to meet. Or maybe they were saving their efforts for the fabled lost level. You be the judge.

Are there any other secrets to be found?... check back here soon...

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