Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

Be careful. Everything it not is as used to be.

Tenderly transmitting maps and guidance, but futile.
filters failing.

Day 3 of Simon's journey into the Heart of Darkness!

Pic 35: If you normally head straight to the recharger and save terminal at the start of Slings & Arrows, you're out of luck with the Win95 version. The solid stairs have been converted to platforms forcing you to explore elsewhere for the switch before you can reach the recharger.

Pic 36: Fortunately, the switch is easy to find to the left of the first terminal...

Pic 37: ...and the stairs are raised as in the original Mac version of the level.

Pic 38: Just out of interest, none of the terminal graphics have been updated to reflect level changes. The displayed graphic on the first term doesn't show the stairs as platforms, even though they show up that way in your map view. The same is true for all changes on Waterloo Waterpark. There are no other noticeable changes on this level. Unless of course, you know otherwise...

hehehe... ahem!

Pic 39: Right from the first room, Charon Doesn't Make Change looks, well, changed. The steps that usually rise up are now sunken into the floor. The wall textures have been modified and realigned.

Pic 40: The room to the left of your start position has been modified, with the platform in the center being converted into a solid pillar. No real clues as to why the change was made (personally, I preferred the original)

Pic 41: The next room shows even more texture changes

Pic 42: At the bottom of the stairs, the room has been reshaped in places and completely retextured.

Pic 43: From the stairs, walk around to the south of the room. A new set of stairs rises up...

Pic 44: ... to a new area above the level. This forms the roof to the room below and allows you to view the level from a high vantage point - handy for sniper shots on passing Pfhor.

Pic 45: From here you can see more obvious changes to the level. In the original version, the large block in view was raised from the ground and emitted an electric hum as you walked underneath.

The alien teleporter is GONE!!!. tut tut... Greg K will be disappointed. :-(

Pic 46: Head back down the stairs, and then down into the basement of the level to the terminal. The terminal still transports you to the same room, but this time you arrive near the locked door to the left of the room, rather than at the north end...

Pic 47: ...confusing for those used to the Mac version.

Will Simon survive?... check back here soon...

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