Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

I want you to find a friend of mine.
I must know if he is dead.
His name is...

Day 5: The Search for Squeaky...

wooo... just as Squeaky reported this place looks familiar yet... different. Though some things never change...

"you guys had enough... maybe you should have waited for back-up?"

OK first port of call that secret alcove door that Squeaky talked about.

Yup... there it is. Sounds like a door but it's locked. Hmmm... Squeaky mentioned something about a panel that had to be smashed... near the room with the assault rifle...

Watch were you stick your nose on this level... things have a habit of jumping out at ya! Three drones in that pool through the window.

Some of you might be concerned about the absence of weapons in these screenshots. Well I'm using a little known Cheat Code called BUTTHEAD. Yup! another Beavis and Butthead reference from the Bungie boys. BUTTHEAD impliments head-butting in the game. One side effect is that you lose your fist. But a good head butt, particularly if it's a running head-butt, can put a Pfhor fighter away faster than you can say Phan Pfhar Sfaern-Wsawn Tshah.

Back to the action...

Aha! there's that panel... right at the back. But wait didn't Squeaky mention something about a waterfall... ah yes!... the waterfall! To the waterfall...

That was quick! This is the view from a ledge just in front of the waterfall. Nice spot! The pool is deep... real DEEP. Stepping though the waterfall triggers one of the doors in the alcove. Head back indoors, smash the panel and then leg-it to the alcove. Step inside and woooosh....

Arrival... and that old déjà vu feeling. I wonder what's on that terminal. Marathon secrets no doubt... the name of Bungie's Webmaster even?!!!

Odd... Squeaky said he found this door open? Very odd indeed! Looks like I'm going to have to go the long way around.

Here's the view from the room with the big windows. Sleeping on the job I fear. In the old days those guys would have been heading my way by now... ah but it was tougher in the old days!

Interesting this high door is now player activated from this low down. Doesn't help much though. The rest of this level is pretty much as Squeaky described it. Get to the teleporter and head back to Waterloo.

Interesting alteration to the window bay near the exit on Waterloo Waterpark.

woooo... DUCK!

Now this is different. The drones don't stay and fight but head off into the next pool looking for a way to get to you. Both pools are connected by a small tunnel. Anyway can't stick around and play got to find Squeaky.

Yup just as Squeaky said... no stairs. Good idea too. Means you must find the terminal first before plodding all over this level. Not much here anyway... just lots of water and dead bodies.

Next level... out the window and down to the left... oh!... who are you guys waiting for? Maybe I should try the other way. Squeaky said there was a roof around here.

ooops.... I guess they followed me up... "come and get some"!

"Yeah... right... like I'm looking for a friend of mine"!

Ever head-butted a F'lickta? Nasty!

Squeaky???... is that...


To be continued... err... hopefully

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