Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

Aahhh, life in the glorious 28th century.
Walking into a jump pad will instantly
transport you to a new...


Day 2 of Simon's journey into the Heart of Darkness!

Pic 20: Heading towards the top right corner of the AR room, a new corridor is visible leading up a spiral staircase.

Pic 21: At the top of the stair case, a small room contains a couple of shotgun cartridges, and two 'tubes' leading to some machinery. Looking behind the machinery, you can see a switch with the wiring texture - firing a grenade produces the familiar 'switch off' sound. So what exactly did that switch operate?

Pic 22: Run, don't walk, to the second uplink chip room (the one with the recharger), and you'll see a door that is just closing. Or at least you will if you've managed to activate the primary door first. With both doors open, jump inside quick.

Hamish: Hold on a minute!... what's this 'primary' door business?

Simon: The waterfall in the top left of pic 14 is a platform on switch. This opens the front most 'primary' door. Before that one's been opened, you don't even get the locked door sound, so there's _no_ clue.

Pic 23: Once inside you'll be teleported here. Oddly, this is familiar to you, as if it were from an old dream, but you can't exactly remember....

Pic 24: And Hanger 7A (Port)?

Pic 25: In fact, the whole of Arrival is appended to Waterloo Waterpark. There are some minor changes. Whilst the Pfhor are as plentifull as in the original, the ammo is more limited. Also, the door leading through to the final terminal is already open to make it easier for those who don't want to run through the whole level. Sacrilege!

Pic 26: A closer examination reveals that this is actually the version of Arrival from the demo. Look, here's BoB's favourite hiding place.

Pic 27: But unfortunately, noone's home ;(

Pic 28: Most terminals have been replaced with a blank wall. The only functioning one is right at the start, which reveals the secret of your.... <snip>...

Pic 29: The door leading from the final room doesn't lock open, so you need to be quick.

Pic 30: Ooops, I almost forgot the secret ammo cache. Well, this time as you can see, we're given a second shotgun and some extra ammo. Dual shotguns right from the first level? Win95 players have things too easy.

Pic 31: The exit terminal has been removed, but the polygon on the floor will teleport you back to the start chamber.

Pic 32: Looking over to your left, you notice a slightly different layout to the surrounding walls. The window you can normally see in the distance is obscured.

Pic 33: Dual textures on a wall? Didn't Bungie claim that that would crash the game? Well, actually in this case, the effect is created by a very narrow ledge with the transparent texture slightly away from the wall.

Pic 34: And finally, after running around to collect the second shotgun, you can take a look down at the modified platform near the start of the level.

Onward to the next level... dry those tears and stuff a fresh clip in your assault rifle.

Jonas Eneroth <> (Bungie Software) kindly sent in these screenshots from the Win95 version of Marathon 2.

Screenshot 1 - Full map view of Waterloo Waterpark.
Screenshot 2 - Charon Doesn't Make Change (viewed using Infinity texture set).
Screenshot 3 - Partial map view of Charon Doesn't Make Change (note Infinity texture set).

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