Win95 Marathon 2: The Undiscovered Secrets

Oddly , this is familiar to you,
as if it were from an old dream,
but you can't exactly remember...

Day 1 of Simon's journey into the Heart of Darkness!

Warning: Do not try this at home folks! ;-)

Pic 1: Note the view out in front of you. Hmm, that terminal wasn't there before was it? I sense major secrets in store.

Pic 2: A closer view of the terminal. You can't see it too well here, but the texture alignment is pretty bad at this point. Must have been added with auto-align off. The terminal text looked the same - need to double check these things though. (Note the dead Pfhor. First kill of the day.)

Pic 3: This is where the terminal used to be. Just an empty wall now. A shell of it's former self :(

Pic 4: This is the room you drop down into from where the terminal used to be. You can see that there is no switch on the back of the light switch - the door is player openable already. The lights in these two rooms flicker and then switch off completely again unlike the Mac version.

Pic 5: Through the 'secret' door to the west. Both doors are player openable. The ledge on the other side is surrounded by a small wall which you can run over into the water below.

Pic 6: Note the wall.

Pic 7: This is the initial height of the water - the switch will raise it. When the water is at it's highest, it's possible to swim back out, over the small wall and onto this platform. The 'traditional' exit from this room is now more difficult to use. The underwater platform stops at _each_ level thus you need to stand right on the edge of the platform and flick the switch.

Pic 8: Back through the two darkened rooms - this is the view through to the next one. Something looks different already.

Pic 9: The internal walls have been removed, and we now have a large pool filling the center of the room. The pool is ankle deep - I believe there was some hidden ammo in there.

Pic 10: Head through the door at the top of pic 10, and head up the stairs to the right and onto the uplink switch. There's something different in that corner of the pool. Not obvious, but somethings not quite right.

Pic 11: Once under water, you can see (if you look close enough), a small drop chute leading to an underwater passageway.

Pic 12: The corridor lifts up, but still underwater, and goes around the 'AR' room.

Pic 13: And continues around to the water filled area between the AR room and the shadow room.

Pic 14: An underwater passageway leads out to the circular water filled room that you pass on the way to the shotgun. The alcove to the north west contains a waterfall that you can go behind. This allows you to swim up, and then jump out onto one of the ledges surrounding the room.

Pic 15: An underwater passageway leads out from the south west and heads to the pool to the left of your start point.

Pic 16: But is blocked by a gateway :(

Pic 17: Back out of the water tunnels, into the uplink chip room, and out then back out into the main chamber. The ledge to the south of this room has been widened and now contains a couple of extra magnum clips.

Pic 18: Heading on through to the AR room. Note the new water tower.

Pic 19: In the AR room. It's difficult to see from here, but look carefully into the far corner of the room. Secrets abound. All will be revealed in graphic detail...

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