Robot World Arena

Design Credit:  Tuncer Deniz
Double Aught Comments:  Based on the Marathon net level Waldo World Arena by Tuncer Deniz
Spoiler Guide:  Read

This is the first of two Co-op Carnage Break Levels. Check The Co-op Carnage Break Levels section for details.

Robot World Arena (Terminal 0)

Opening Connection to ß.4.5-23 05.10.2337

CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

UESCTerm 802.11 (remote override) 05.10.2337

training units
origin: Tfear High command
destin: non-glanded recruited mercenaries
ref: Robot World Arena
yr17 cycle1 day1 4th phase
stamp: Termination

All non-glanded recruited mercenaries now engaging in training excercises are herefore and forever ordered to desist.  Aforementioned activities have resulted in cost-defective damage to training areas.
PgUp/PgDn/Arrows to Scroll Return/Enter to Acknowledge

Disconnecting... 05.10.2337

CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. <931.461.60231.14.vt920>

Poor Yorick

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