I am Grendel, Hastur's loyal servant. I am sorry my Master is not here to greet you, but he's given precise instructions. The Master mustn't be disturbed while he is working.

Although I am a fool, I have been a student of his painful school for as long as I can remember, and I offer my humble services to you. My Master loves his toys, Forge and Anvil -- the implements of others' humiliation and ecstasy. I will attempt to offer suggestions, succor and secrets on the use and abuse of his toys.

Differential Shading on Poor Yorick.

Ever been stuck on a Russian space station with no way down?
Grendel talks to himself about Acme Station

Grendel might or might not have been involved with Acme, but you can learn about it anyway. Check out a wicked cool lighting trick, some amazing feats of view juggling, or a retracting door.

Long Views on Son of Grendel.

Bridgework on Slimey Things.

Curvy Walls on By Committee.

Tag Switches on Thing What Kicks.

A sound problem sent in by Greg Galcik (part of the busted section).

A problem with sound sources on Sporkt.

Type 11 Errors when converting maps from Pfhorte. The word from the man.

Another potential cause of Type 11 errors described by way of Acme Station.

Other Forge And Anvil Links:

Making CLUT resources for Chapter Screens by D. Andrew Schutz.

Bungie's Forge Faq.

If you're having trouble figuring out what some of the physics model parameters do, you might want to check out Marathon Physics Model Editor Homepage.

Forge is the map editor included with Marathon Infinity. Crafted by dwarves at the dawn of time, it inspires awe in the map-makers here at Double Aught. Although Double Aught didn't write Forge, we have used it and its precursors for several years. We offer our help and guidance in using this powerful editor. Grendel is a most obedient guide, so sit back, peruse, and let his suffering be your good fortune.

To learn more about Forge, visit Bungie's Forge page.
Anvil is the most comprehensive shapes, physics and sound editor made. Michael Hanson gets a big round of applause from everyone here at Double Aught, except from Grendel, who's fingers are really sore. He doesn't clap much anymore. We'll have pages dedicated to Anvil coming up soon.

To learn more about Anvil, visit Bungie's Anvil page.