news from the brownstone cliffside






november 4, 1996

Added Hastur's Workshop to the Double Aught lineup.

A peek inside the mind of Double Aught's most feared denizen. With illustrations and step by step instructions, the thick veil of mystery is brushed aside as you learn to reproduce the devious tricks and nefarious polygons of Marathon Infinity's mapmakers.

Ask yourself, "Is Hastur a Jjaro?"

october 13, 1996

Designed the Prague streetsign method page. It can be found here.

october 7, 1996

October 7? Hmm.
Changed the main page slightly today. ;-)

If you're fond of the original home page, you can find it here.

october 4, 1996

Added the Powered by Grayphics logo to the main page, fixed some minor html errors (color), and updated a mail link.

Thanks to Grayphics Digital Imaging for hosting our site!

october 3, 1996

Today marks the official launch date of the Double Aught web. Browse around, poke into things, and (hopefully) enjoy what we've put together. One thing you might want to check out is our Marathon Infinity page, with text, art, and some of the flavor of the game.