Oct 20, 2002 (Sunday)

The reformatted Marathon 2 terminals have been completed. For your viewing pleasure: Where the Twist Flops, Beware of Abandoned Rental Trucks, Requiem For a Cyborg, Fatum Iustum Stultorum, Feel the Noise, and All Roads Lead To Sol....

Kudos to the Project: Found Delivery team for their excellent work. Post your praise here on the Story Forum.

Oct 17, 2002 (Thursday)

More reformatted Marathon 2 terminals trickle in. Recently added are: If I Had a Rocket Launcher, I'd Make Somebody Pay, Sorry Don't Make It So, For Carnage, Apply Within, Begging For Mercy Makes Me Angry!!, The Big House, This Side Toward Enemy, God Will Sort The Dead..., My Own Private Thermopylae, and Kill Your Television.

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Oct 16, 2002 (Wednesday)

Reformatted Marathon 2 terminals continue to be posted. In this batch you will find Ex Cathedra, Nuke And Pave, Curiouser and Curiouser..., Eat It, Vid Boi!, The Hard Stuff Rules..., Bob's Big Date, and Six Thousand Feet Under.

The original Marathon terminal pages now have an additional feature: the ability to play the music associated with the level. Thanks to the valiant efforts of Callie21V <callie21v@hotmail.com>, you can hear MP3s of the ancient Marathon MIDI files in full QuickTime 2.5 glory! Que up the terminal page of your favorite Marathon level, turn on the music, and fondly remember the carnage of yore.

Afterwords, stop by the Story forum and articulate your memories.

Oct 15, 2002 (Tuesday)

The madness continues with terminal reformatting of Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire!, Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap, Habe Quiddam, Neither High nor Low, No Artificial Colors, Beware of Low-Flying Defense Drones..., Welcome to the Revolution..., Try Again, and Ingue Ferroque. All of the original Marathon terminals are now online and ready for your perusal.

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Oct 14, 2002 (Monday)

Thanks to the efforts of the Project: Found Delivery crew (poena.dare, Ghôlsbane, reb, and callie21) improved versions of many Marathon and Marathon 2: Durandal terminals have now come online. Improved terminals for Arrival, Bigger Guns Nearby, Never Burn Money, Defend THIS!, Couch Fishing, The Rose, Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!, Cool Fusion, G4 Sunbathing, Blaspheme Quarantine, Bob-B-Q, Shake Before Using..., Waterloo Waterpark, The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune, Charon Doesn't Make Change, What About Bob?, Come and Take your Medicine, and We're Everywhere are now available for your viewing pleasure.

Project: Found Delivery is seeking additional helpers. Come join the discussion about the improved terminals.

Oct 10, 2002 (Thursday)

Matthew Smith <matthew> writes:

Google Fights - http://www.googlefight.com/

Battling Keywords using Google!

So I had to know, who would win? Halo or Marathon?


The winner is: Marathon!

Mike Yocom <pfhreak@MAC.COM> writes:

I noticed an incense package here in SLC a while back named "Leela", the package was decorated with a very Hindu-looking goddess.

I went and did some digging on Google and found this:


'Leela' is Sanskrit for 'play', or 'sport'. In many religious and Spiritual traditions, all of conditionally manifested existence is regarded to be the Leela (or the Play, Sport, or Free Activity) of the Divine Person. 'Leela' also means the Awakened Play of a Realized Adept (of any degree), through which he or she mysteriously Instructs and Liberates others and Blesses the world itself. By extension, a Leela is an instructive and inspiring story of such an AdeptŐs Teaching and Blessing Play."

I wonder if this is the inspiration for the name of the Dr. Who character that Leela is named after?

Oct 4, 2002 (Friday)

Ever wondered what the missing "Defend THIS!" terminal screen looks like? Wonder no more thanks to Callie21V <callie21v@hotmail.com> is this Story forum post. And before you ask "What missing "Defend THIS!" terminal screen?" check the Marathon Vidmasters' page here.

poena.dare #CP# <mstory@mlcsmith.removethis.com> has a job for YOU! Check this Story forum post and also this one. Be part of the new era of Marathon. First text... now images... whatever will they think of next? ;-)

Ian Adams <email address withheld> writes:

I just thought I'd mention that Nine Inch Nail's album "The Downward Spiral" was released in 1994, which may be the inspiration for the level title "Spiral Insanity".

Sept 25, 2002 (Wednesday)

Kareem Ramos <kareemr69@mail.com> writes:

Hey, what's up man? I just recieved an email from Honda announcing their new small-size SUV, the Element (7 letter word). I followed the link to the official site (http://element.honda.com/landing.asp) and was presented with a pop-up screen with 4 options to view the interior, exterior, etc (I think it's the navigation screen). When you click the "Inside" option, a little Flash animation plays, and then it takes you to another screen with 3 options. Here's where it got interesting... When you move the mouse over any one of the shapes, it fills with art (as opposed to being blank, like the default) and a sound is played. All of the three sounds are from Marathon! The top shape plays the "wind blowing" sound you hear in the outside levels, while the bottom right shape plays the other "wind blowing" sound. The bottom left shape plays the sound you hear in the corridors, I guess it sounds like a generator or something.

Sept 24, 2002 (Tuesday)

I'm back.

Sorry to have missed the birthday party. Thanks to all those who wrote in wishing the Story page well.

Pedro Henriquez <ukimalefu@hotmail.com> sent in this pic with the comment:

Let The Cyborg with the better A.I. win.

Pedro also writes concerning this Marathon-like symbol:

Here's the logo of Venezuela's steel company.

yaco <yaco@forerunners.org> writes:

i'm rebuilding (rearranging/re-producing) the marathon 1 music and found a little fact for you:

the song 'Chomber' (Music 01) is in 7/4. that's seven beats to a measure, grouped 4+3. another seven. but the funny part is that the song is only played once in the game, in 'Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken'.

which is the seventh level.

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