Dec 31, 2002 (Tuesday)

Due to the renewed interest in Craig Mullins here are a few more sites featuring his work:

Gamustras has a feature on Craig Mullins which includes bio info, inspiration, favorite game art, tools, and music he listens too while working. Six pics (4 marathon) with comments from Craig

Digital Art gallery containing 21 works in different categories with fan comments.

GFXartist Tutorials with Craig Mullins featuring Gunman, Macross, Revising Golongrias Picture, and Soulblighter. In the latter Craig describes how he made this promotional piece of artwork based on the style and design of Frank Frazetta for the game Myth II by Bungie.

This French site contains a Craig Mullins gallery about 40 pics.

Fantasy Art Gallery. Craig Mullins gallery of 17 pics.

The world of BabyC. Craig Mullins gallery of 16 pics.

Craig does Lord of the Rings.

Three other sites here, here, and here. Small selection of pics at all three sites.

Dec 29, 2002 (Sunday)

Two pieces of old news but both worth mentioning on the main page. Firstly Gholsbane <> in a Story forum post noted an excellent piece of Marathon inspired artwork by the artist John Wallin Liberto. You can see it here. The piece is very similar to the work of Craig Mullins and was probably influenced by it. You can check the rest of John Wallin Liberto's work here.

For more of Craig's artwork check the following sites:

Craig's home page
Marathon Art Gallery - Craig Mullins
Marathon Art: Craig Mullins
The Art of Craig Mullins

Spotted just before Christmas is this piece from about a screenshot from the upcoming LucasArts game RTX Red Rock. Note the upside-down Marathon symbol on the chest of the bespectacled character.

Dec 27, 2002 (Friday)

Some good stuff on the Story forum over Christmas: looks at Aleph One (Part 1)
Who remembers Marathon 4?
Some Bungie seasonal humor
Got fiction?... Marathon fiction?
Dates to remember
Yes... this man is insane!

Dec 24, 2002 (Tuesday) Home Pfhor the Holidays

Merry Christmas to all Story page readers... everywhere!

On the Story forum recently:

And the colony name is...
This man is insane?
It's good to read widely
Dark Forces bigger than Marathon?

Dec 21, 2002 (Saturday)

What's in a Name? If you are up to the challenge poena.dare #CP# in a Story forum post wants you to come up with a name for the Tau Ceti colony. The colony itself not the planet obviously. He claims that the name he came up with is logical, at least to him. Any idea what it could be?

Dec 2, 2002 (Tuesday)

On the Story forum recently:

The ultimate question
An essay on the number 7
Rare Marathon T-shirt
Got fiction?

Nov 16, 2002 (Saturday)

Quick update

Wow we haven't had a Quick Update in a long time. Alfred Mordeir <> writes concerning a Marathon-like symbol spotted in the 1970's movie "The Dunwich Horror" based on a book by H. P. Lovecraft:

These are Pics that were sent to me by Gherri7White. On them are screen shots from the 1970 movie "The Dunwich Horror," featuring shots of Dean stockwell's hand with two rings, One of which is a dead ringer for a marathon symbol.

You can see the pics here, here, and here. See also the Story forum here and here for some discussion.

Joel Doran <> writes:

And it's in the last spot you would expect...Pokemon! Taking a look at the preview for Pokemon Advance, I came upon this picture...

Look at the guy's head. Perhaps the Unified Earth Space Council has dropped the Mjolnir in favor of...Pikachu?

Noah Brimhall <> writes:

I was just surfing the Starwars Website when I saw an ad for a Lucas Arts game that contains something "oddly familiar". The game is called RTX Redrock and the main character has a synthetic eye that looks a lot like the BOB's ocular implant in M2. Here is the RTX Redrock website: Here is Craig Mullins great picture of the BOBs:

Aaron Guy Davies <> writes:

I recently heard the Pfhor staff shot fly-by sound as a sound effect in a Chevy Tahoe ad.

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