Marathon 2: Durandal (Demo) text changes

"...he must be up to something."

While the Demo terminal text is very similar to the Preview terminal text there is one important change which relates to the Marathon Story.

The 2nd message from the 1st terminal on What About Bob? no longer contains the text about the tenth cyborg.

"Were you ever curious about the tenth cyborg which was supposed to be on the Marathon? Why could Leela find only nine? Was it ever activated? Was it destroyed during the defense of the colony? You are right to be curious."

<What! About! Bob! (Terminal 1: 2nd message) Marathon 2: Durandal (Preview)>

Instead it is replaced by a piece about Tycho and the Marathon.
"As for Tycho, he must have remained on the Marathon. Since the fool is hiding from me the fate and location of the Marathon, he must be up to something. I would surmise that the Pfhor have some plans for old Deimos; they bought the colony ship for sale."

<What About Bob? (Terminal 1: 2nd message) Marathon 2: Durandal (Demo)>

"...he must be up to something" Ah! intrigue don't we just love it. So it appears that Tycho remained on the Marathon witnessing its capture by the Pfhor and Leela's dismantling. While Leela was "shipped to the Pfhor home world for study, along with most of the other computer systems abord the Marathon" Tycho was not. We might speculate that Tycho and the Pfhor "have come to an understanding" much like Durandal and the S'pht.
The fate and location of the Marathon is unknown. However, It is unlikely to have got very far in the last 17 years with it's sub-light speed "bussard ramjet". We might speculate that the Pfhor's plans for "old Deimos" may be the fitting of a faster-than-light drive to the Marathon.

Changes have been made to the text of the battle between the S'pht and the Pfhor at the Citadel of Antiquity. It is now described as the site of the "conclusive battle" between the S'pht and the Pfhor. Futhermore the S'pht that escaped were "hunted and decimated".

Other small changes.
We now have the "magic of orbital bombardment" rather than the "wonders of orbital bombardment". Why the change and why the emphasis on 'magic'?
Indeed it appears strange that Durandal should state that he is "introducing" the Pfhor to the "magic of orbital bombardment". Have they not seen this before? They certainly used a similar strategy when they attacked the colony at Tau Ceti. Unless of course Durandal is referring to the use of asteroids as the "magic".

Gone are the references to "the ancient S'pht computer net" and "the Pfhor's secondary landing field".

The "ancient defenses" of the S'pht Citadel of Antiquity are more clearly described as "ancient teleportation defenses".

The apparent problems of timing and distance are still present in the Demo text.

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Hamish Sinclair
Last updated Nov 10, 1995