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Hamish Sinclair

"There are obviously many things which we do not understand, and may never be able to."
[Leela, Ship Operations AI, UESC Marathon]

Created Sept 19, 1995
Last updated July 23, 2024

Welcome you are number

"Terminals? I don't remember what they said. I only know the sound they make when you crush a Pfhor's skull into them."   Mjolnir Recon number 54

Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity are more than just excellent games for the Mac OS and Windows 95 (Marathon 2 only), they tell a 'story'. It is a complex story revealed in a novel way through a series of computer interface terminals. As you play you find that not all the terminals are easily found and even when found the text presented is sometimes difficult to interpret. Added to this is the fact that the story is not told in a linear fashion. The past and present are intermingled, a jigsaw of facts which need to be pieced together to form a cohesive story.

This web document serves two purposes:

  1. to provide a convenient format for reading Marathon's story;
  2. to promote critical review of the text in the hope that the pieces of the jigsaw can be pieced together so that we may decipher the past, understand the present, and hopefully predict the future.

This is a work in progress. Criticisms, corrections, and additions are welcome. If you have an answer, a theory or simply note something puzzling in the story please e-mail me at

Theories etc. should be supported where possible by relevant passages from the text. I will add these and give you credit. By the same token if you use something please give credit.

Warning: this document is not intended to be a FAQ or a Spoiler Guide. Nevertheless if you read the terminal messages before finishing the games you might find your enjoyment somewhat diminished. You have been warned.

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