The UESC are referred to in the original game (Marathon 1994).

Reference to the UESC first appears the Marathon manual (page 2). The manual provides a description of Marcus Tiberius Buendia, president of the Unified Earth Space Council (UESC), giving an address prior to the launch of the UESC Marathon. ref

Here is the relevant text.

With apprehension, the same apprehension you felt three hundred and twenty-two years earlier, you envision Marcus Tiberius Buendia, one of Sol's greatest leaders. "Mankind will venture out past its earthly bounds, and move into a future grander and more real than the total of its own written history." Buendia, the president of the Unified Earth Space Council, had spoken those words to the people of the Sol System on the eve of the launching of the Marathon. "This, the grandest achievement mankind has ever conceived will be for the purpose of peace and the preservation of the human race. May this great technological ark carry with it the sum total of all human wisdom, and may neither time nor distance weaken our common ties."

This UESC pre-launch event is corroborated by the in-game logs of Bernard Strauss. ref

Here is the relevant text.

The following is from the logs of Bernard Strauss, the Marathon's first science director:


November 15, 2209. <2209.>

Thank heaven, the ceremony is over. The UESC president came aboard Marathon and gave a speech. Short, but to the point. He was surrounded by his 'bodyguards'. How ironic. "This, the grandest technological achievement of all of mankind..."

Had he only known that it carried also all of the destructive knowledge of mankind. Ten cyborgs.

I'll be glad to be put in stasis for the next three hundred years. Marathon was the only good idea that the UESC has had in a long time.

The year 2209 was later corrected by Bungie to 2472 after the game was released in order to correct chronological inconsistencies in the Marathon timeline. ref

The spelling of 'Bernard Strauss' also varies in the original game. ref

The in-game text also refers to the UEG (United Earth Government). ref

This sometimes causes confusion when people mix up Unified and United and call the UESC the United Earth Space Council.

Further confusion arises when terms such as UESG and USEC are introduced in the later games of the trilogy. ref

In the Marathon ARG (Alternate Reality Game) the UESC had a website at uesc.io. It is gone now. This is how the opening page originally looked when the site became active.

If you tried to access the UESC website on your mobile device you get this. (Hint hint folks... Bungie say... get a desktop terminal to read Marathon stuff.)

The USEC website was originally found by sending an email to an address found on the bottom right corner of the Traxus Global page.


Sending an email to this address returned the following automatic reply:

Obviously the right password or correct phrase was required.

In an effort to overcome this problem Dwarf on the Game Detectives Discord sent the whole Traxus webpage text to the email address and got back the following reply.

The brute force method gets the job done.

There are number of words that would have triggered the correct response from Vulcan. The one on the Traxus webpage text was either 'titan' or 'axion' part of the word 'traxionic'. The one that Bungie might have expected at this stage in the ARG was 'axion' from a redundant piece of code in the marathonthegame.com source.

<span data-username="admin49912112cpsb@uesc.insec" data-password="axion"></span>

When the UESC website was initially found it displayed the following failure to connect message. Shortly after the Marathon ARG ended it reverted back to this state.

You can see a screen capture of the failed connection screen here.

The four corners display the following:

Top left corner.

Top right corner.

Bottom left corner.

Bottom right corner.

In the original Marathon game all the in-game terminals have the same or a variation of the above text.

In-game screenshot of the first Marathon terminal taken within seconds of starting.

Every terminal has the text  Opening Connection to ß.4.5-23  in the top left corner.

On the UESC website the word 'Server' was added and the character  ß  was replaced with  𝟶  the mathematical monospace digit zero character.

It was suggested sometime ago that the numbers in the upper right corner might have been some kind of time/date counter. ref

Arriving at the first terminal in Marathon a little slower will give you this.

In-game screenshot of the first Marathon terminal taken five or so seconds after starting.

The original intent may have been to allow the player to time their progress through the game similar to Bungie's earlier game Pathways Into Darkness. However, this function did not work in that manner on release.

The numbers in the bottom right corner <931.461.60231.14.vt920> feature at the same location in every terminal in the Marathon trilogy.

The text in the bottom left corner CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc. also feature at the same location in every terminal in the Marathon trilogy.

Some six hours (12.06 AM PDT May 25, 2023) after the Somewhere In The Heavens - ViDoc went live (6.10 PM PDT May 24, 2023) the UESC website changed to this.

In the opening connection screen the top right corner now displayed  6142.α5.𝟶9.13𝟶7. Previously it had been  2142.05.09.2337.

Destiny fans were quick to spot the Destiny 2 Emblem code JND-HLR-L69 in the bottom left of the screen.

However it wasn't enabled yet.

Bungie would later release it for everyone on Tweeter.

Destiny 2  @DestinyTheGame

Run, don't walk.

Enjoy a brand new in-game Emblem for Destiny 2, celebrating the
announce of @MarathonTheGame


10:00 AM PST Jun 1, 2023

In the login screen the bottom left corner the text reads  CAS.qterm/CyberAcme Systems, Inc.  very similar to the text in the original Marathon terminals  CAS.qterm//CyberAcme Systems, Inc.  other than having only one forward slash.

The username and password for the UESC login had been available since the very start of the Marathon ARG in the source code of marathonthegame.com (1:54 PM PDT May 24, 2023)

<span data-username="admin49912112cpsb@uesc.insec" data-password="axion"></span>

Make sure you enter it correctly.

Entering it correctly... got you this!

Another "woah" moment and echoes of Blade Runner 2049.
"A system of cells interlinked within cells interlinked within cells interlinked..."
But this was no empathy test... this was a mind maze... a very large mind maze.

The main page was the root directory (top level) of the UESC's folder structure.

At the root level there were seven named folders. In alphabetic order:
Some lead to other folders, some to dead ends. Over time parts would become accessible.

For example clicking on PROTEUS and navigating your your way down through three levels got you to an apparent dead end... FUTURUM.

Futurum is latin for 'future' or more precisely "something that is going to happen in the future".

This would eventually become the most important part of the Marathon ARG puzzle. We just didn't know it yet.

Clicking randomly through this maze would get you lost very quickly. What was needed was a systematic approach.

A map of the folder structure and contents (1st iteration).

|   |-- SERPENT
|       |-- INT. COMMS
|       |-- MONITORING
|           |-- TRAXUS_Wallpaper_Orange_L.png
|           |-- TRAXUS_Wallpaper_Orange_L_Mobile.png
|   |-- ALPHA
|       |-- DATA LOG
|   |-- BETA
|   |-- GAMMA
|       |-- DATA LOG
|   |-- PHOBOS
|       |-- NETCOMMS
|       |-- PROPAGANDA
|           |-- MIDA_Purple.png
|           |-- MIDA_Wallpaper_Purple_Mobile.png
|   |-- CHARON
|       |-- INTERNAL COMMS
|       |-- PROTOTYPES
|           |-- SEKIGUCHI_Wallpaper_Green.png
|           |-- SEKIGUCHI_Wallpaper_Green_Moblie.png
|   |-- ATALANTA
|       |-- CLYMENE
|       |-- IASUS
|   |-- KRATOS
|       |-- PALLUS
|       |-- STYX
|   |-- PLUTUS
|       |-- DEMETER
|           |-- FUTURUM
|       |-- IASON
|   |-- NEBULA
|       |-- DATA LOG
|           |-- CYAC_Wallpaper_Green.png
|           |-- CYAC_Wallpaper_Green_Mobile.png
|   |-- NOVA

At this stage in the Marathon ARG only four folders contain files.





Each folder contained two wallpapers (png format) for Traxus Global, MIDA, Sekiguchi Genetics and CyberAcme (CyAc) accordingly.

Note that there was a typo in the file name "SEKIGUCHI_Wallpaper_Green_Moblie.png" and one of the MIDA wallpapers was not designated as 'Wallpaper' both are retained here in their original formats.

You can see the eight wallpapers below.





To be continued...


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