Magical Mystery Tour
Posted By: Godot <>
Date: 8/2/11 8:09 a.m.

The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away,
Waiting to take you away.

First stop, Bungie's 1st headquarters.

1935 South Halsted Street, Suite 204
Chicago, IL 60608-3454

Fire this into Google maps and switch to street view. Head left down the
street. You won't find number 1935 but it appears to be the building
between 1933 and 1945. The ground level windows are blocked out. Suite
204 would suggest the 2nd floor. The Marathon Home Video does show
the Bungie offices above ground level. The Home Video also shows the Bug
Stop across the street. This has gone. Moved to bigger premises down the
road at 2029 South Halsted Street it would appear.

So this is where Marathon started folks. Not sure of the exact date when
they set up office here but it was after the released of Pathways Into
Darkness in August 1993.

Bungie stayed in South Halsted Street until May 1998.

Comments, corrections, etc, welcome.

Next stop...



Added two pics of Bungie's 1st headquarters and two movies that feature the office.

Google street images of Bungie's 1st headquarters.

The Marathon Home Videos

The Marathon Home Videos is a compilation of videos taken by Tuncer Deniz (Inside Mac Games) during the development of Marathon.
The first video segment is dated August 26, 1994 and shows Jason and his team of programmers working on Marathon's source code.
The last video segment shows some of the solo levels being play tested along with shots of the finished Marathon box.
The whole video is just over 26 minutes long. While it was filmed in 1994 it wasn't publically
distributed until the release of the Marathon Trilogy Box Set in May 1997. Indeed, it was not easy to
find since it was hidden (invisible) in the Gnop folder on the first (black) Trilogy CD.

The Bug Stop movie

In the August 1996 edition of Inside Mac Games magazine there was a video tour of Bungie.
While no date is given for the tour the creation date for the video was Sunday 28 July 1996.
So it likely that it was filmed sometime before this date.