Magical Mystery Tour: Stop 2
Posted By: Godot <>
Date: 8/3/11 6:45 a.m.

Back on the Bus, Y'all

Travelling north along South Halsted Street, past the University of Illinois
at Chicago, not to be mistaken for the University of Chicago, which is
south of the city.

Hey we're going the Wrong Way! What about the campus bookstore where
Alex bought his copy of Think C? Or the Mac lab were Jason, Greg and the
boys played Minotaur all night every night?

"Quiet back there, the driver is concentrating."

Continuing north onto North Halsted Street we take a right, cross the river,
and on to our next destination.

350 W Ontario, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60610

Bungie's 2nd headquarters. And yes, the 7th Floor!

Google Maps will drop you right outside the building.

Bungie, now making the Myth series, moved here in May 1998. When the
Story page published the address back in May 20, 1998 it was asked (by
Bungie) to remove it. Why? Well according to Matt Soell they didn't want
more "sightseers and weirdos and weirderos" visiting. Fear of Abandoned
Rental Trucks perhaps?

Of course their new address was already on their own website and a
couple of days later they sent out a Bungie newsletter saying they had
moved and gave their new address. Go figure. As one person remarked at
the time "Perhaps they didn't want Story page weirdos and weirderos
visiting." Well, apart from Mr. Smith, I do not know who they would
be referring to. ;)

Now if you care to look at the monitor on the seat in front of you we'll give
you a short movie tour of Bungie studios as it was back in late 1999. Your
tour guide is none other than Alexander Seropian (Bungie CEO). Yes, we
spare no expense on this tour. Enjoy.


Next stop...


An old pic of the Bungie's 2nd office.

It was noted that Bungie offices were on the 7th floor.

Here they are on the roof.