Level 10: Eat It, Vid Boi!
A long and intricate level but the rewards are great. A second shotgun awaits the vigilant player.

After arriving the first door opens to a large room with two platforms on opposite ends. These need to be activated but where's the switch? Along the far wall there's a dark panel, hiding a secret door. This leads to a room with everything a budding exterminator will need...

Inside there's a terminal and a switch. However, if you look around there's a lot more to be found.

Now that the platform is activated, head on up. On the top level there's a large room with a substantial amount of Compilers and other assorted foes. Avoid them by taking the door on the left. Head up the stairs on the other side and jump down toward your left. The next room you come to give you two options. Taking the path to the left will lead to this switch. This switch in turn will activate platforms under the lava ahead and allow access to the rooms beyond.

Making your way through the rooms and up the stairs the last room has a switch in it. This switch open a section of wall behind you.

This wall, when open, reveals a terminal and a switch. Once activated head on back down the stairs and around the lava. Now take the other path.

The next step is to begin hunting for the following switch. The best hint I can give is for you to head on down - but not back into the large room full of Compilers.

Once the switch is activated and the terminal is read look at your map. There's a secret area with a switch which will reveal a lot of goodies.

The previous switch lowered the lava and behold the second shotgun!

Head back to where you arrived on the level. A bridge has now risen out of the lava and your path to the exit terminal is straight ahead.