Level 09: Curiouser and Curiouser
This is one of the hardest of the early levels. Not only are there several tasks for you to complete but it is also chock full o' hostiles.

There are several switches that need to be disabled. They are somewhat hard to find, so don't be surprised if this takes a long time. Use the Mapping function a lot to help you out.

The first switch is located at this map location. Just punch it and head off for the next one.

Remember, somewhere in the catacombs thereีs a 2x re-charger. Find it quickly as it is vital for your survival.

To help you out, here's the map location of that re-charger.

There's an ambush waiting for you at these stairs. At the top of the stairs there's an oxygen re-charger but nothing else of use.

And here's the map location of the next switch.

However, to exit the level there are two set of stairs such as these. They lead to the outside so be careful not to fall into the sewage below.

From the top of the stairs you can see a switch off in the distance. When this switch is activated a platform will rise up and allow you to run across. Make sure that you begin by hitting the left hand side switch first - this will make your path easier.

Once across there's another switch which will give you access to the exit terminal. However, you will need to back out and take the right hand set of stairs to reach the terminal.