Filename: sarge.jpg
Size: 900 x 600 pixels
Date: July 2001 (
About: No information given other than the name "Sarge". The image was also listed under "Printed Images" rather than "Concept Images".

While Craig never posted any information about this image the smoke belching ship/craft/thingy reminds me of the Nar's coal-powered spacecraft.

On the secret Bungie credits terminal on 'All Roads Lead To Sol...' Jason Jones wrote:

A wise Nar once said "A Nebulon under the
foot is worth two behind a plasma cannon,"
but the Nar are still waiting for their
mythical savior with green pee to fly their
coal-powered interstellar battlewagons to
glory against the Nebulons.

The Nar, who speak entirely in metaphor,
call Chicago "the limitless, unforgiving
sky; the prison which will forever watch
over our graves" in the winter. Too bad
it's winter.

For the Marathon Scrapbook Rob McLees gave an extensive history of the Nar, an alien race that we never actually encounter in the games. Only part of this history was printed in the Scrapbook. Here is the full text.


The Nar sprang into being exactly one week after the Universe sprang into being. They are an ageless race of immortal beings who, in the four billion odd years of their existance, have yet to develop a written language. This tends to hinder their scientific endevours as they speak entirely in metaphore.

(a note about Nar Launguage: each "family" has its own metaphorical style and each "district" has its own colloquialisms, this combined with an individual's own personal lyrical stylings makes the Nar language impossible to fathom by any but the most gifted linguists.)

In the Beginning (about four days after they sprang into being) they grew tired and fell asleep. The next morning all but twelve of them woke at daybreak. Fearing the worst (ie. somebody might trip over them) and not yet realizing they were immortal, those still sleeping were intered in what is now known as 'the coil revealed by sorrow'. To this day the Nar still look to the 'ancestors' for wisdom, but as always, the 'ancestors' want nothing more than release from their burial cairn, so the Nar usually leave saying something akin to: "let us be as clouds, until the rumbling of the cairn becomes as wind through the grass."

The entire Nar homeworld has been developed. That is to say that the entire surface of the planet has a three story building built on it. In other words, the Nar homeworld is encased in a three story structure that covers every square inch of the planet's surface. On the lowest level (or "ground floor") we have the Nar - the laborers and foot soldiers of the Nar. Living on the next level (or "mezzanine") are the C'Nar - the artisans and artificers of the Nar. At the highest level (living proof that filth rises to the top of any medium) are the Cf'Nar and the CFN Kommandoes - the Cf'Nar are the "Ruling Elite" of the Nar (mostly managers or scientific research facilities and heads of huge industrial combines) and the CFN Kommandoes are Warriors and Leaders of distinction, though the CFN Kommandoes usually go up to "the Roof" to hone their Martial Arts and tend the sod.

(a note on Nar weaponry: the weapon of choice among the CFN Kommandoes is the "menacing fist of steel". The "fist" is a sturdy hardwood cudgle that has a magnetic field generator built into the "grip" that aligns all of the cudgle's atoms making it as strong as steel. Rumors of "fists" covered in steel plates have been floating around for years but no examples have ever been recovered. The Nar have never personally developed any ranged weapons for the individual, though they will gladly scoop up any "firearm" dropped by a fallen enemy. They toyed with a shoulder-fired missile for a while, but at 9' long and 280lbs the weapon was "unwieldy" at best, not to mention the cost and time involved in training the small primate that piloted the projectile after launch.)

There is only one group of Nar that have come to the realization that they are, in fact, immortal (or at least extremely long lived). These are the scientific crews on the ships 'devourer of worlds on a leash' and 'immense lusterless comet hiding in shadows' (manufactured from the sum total of the natural resouces of the planet 'lifeless air-soaked rock' and its moon, respectively). These ships and their crews embarked on the 'Grand Endevor' just over 2 billion years ago from the system neighboring the Nar system. The 'Grand Endevor' was an undertaking of the greatest importance to the Nar -- to measure the diameter of the universe to the nearest whole inch. This was to be achieved by tethering the smaller of the two craft to the larger with a sturdy chain and once they reached one edge of the universe, the smaller craft would then travel to the other side. The larger of the two craft would house several mining craft and a massive manufacturing plant dedicated to the creation of the chain.

(a note about Nar spacecraft: describing a Nar spacecraft as mind-numbingly huge would be a monumental understatement. Their smallest craft, a two-man scout, is roughly four times the size of the Hindenburg, while their largest craft, the world ships, are exactly what it sounds like; spacecraft the size of planets constructed out of the sum total of a planet's natural resources. They are powered by hyper-efficient coal burning engines that are capable of propeling the massive crafts at nearly one-tenth the speed of light. About half of a Nar ship's hull is given over to a giant coal-hopper situated on top of a small warp generator that transports the fuel directly into the coal-burning engine, as the warp generator can only transport things within the confines of the ship's gravity well.)


So there you have it.

This is either a stream of consciousness from the mind of Rob McLees or Bungie were working on expanding the Marathon universe. Perhaps the Nar were going to make an appearance in the ill-fated Marathon 3 and what you have just read is a legacy asset from that game.

As for the sarge.jpg image it is likely that someone will point out that it is from 'such and such' game.

Watch this space.