Thats right, the PM Archive is back, and better than ever. Microsoft. Microsoft who? Bah them, we Marathoners have more to worry about than bungie making the biggest mistake ever. Now the PM Archive is far from complete, sadly ALL the old PMs are gone. But there is hope! A ray of sunshine; nice foaks like you! Thats right email in those PM archives. Hey you Buddy! I see your mouse heading to the "BACK" button, well hold off Chief. Go ahead launch Sherlock, search that M2 folder, you know you have some PMs hanging around, hidden. Common how long can it take to drop em on drop stuff and email em to me? I mean an average PM is like 15k! Pocket change! So send em in, lets rebuild this place, "Don't Make Me Kick Your Ass!"

-Hip Large and In Charge.

Happy Easter, yeah, I seem to only like updating on holidays, heh, go fig. Well, I have to new cool PMs. Randall J. Currie sends in two very nice models that give Infinity, Marathon 2 and Evil (YES I said Evil, this marks the FIRST Freakin PM for Evil I've gotten! w00t!). And Win95 users will be very happy, as they can use one of these models on their Marathon with the Infinity files from the Orbital Arm. So get with it and download!

-Hip, taking his sweet damned time with this

Happy late new year. Sorry, its been ultra dry around these parts. I have 2 nice updates planed, but I'm waiting on an author of a PM to send me an update to fix a bug in a model he sent me, so here I was with nothing to put on this page when *BLAM!* out of nowhere up shows our own resident Patient Zero of Scenario News fame and the main www page here at So was I ever surpassed to find he did a PM for the archive. And WOW what a model it is. Reflecting Mikey's attention to detail, the weapons feel like new. Not only do you get completely new weapons but a patch for Infinity and 3 handy dandy spiffy films to boot! A must have for anyone with Marathon Infinity. Check it out.

-Hip, The Dude Abides

Weee first update since the new look. Well, I have gotten a few new PMs, however there seems to be some confusion. You see, while getting your PMs to me in any form is OK, an explanation would be nice. I generally try all weapons first, to see what they do, but if all the model does is change how a Tick dies with the Rocket Launcher, well I'm just not going to figure that out! I mean I'm no psychic! So a simple read me, even if its in the email would be nice. Thus I present "THE RULES OF SUBMITTING". Scary sounding eh? Well don't worry its really simple! I promise! So send in those PMs! Also be sure to put your name... Nothing is worse than no name. (see "THE RULES OF SUBMITTING")

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