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Just Another Physics Model by Michael Watson

• A new standard in Physics Model creation. Mikey has raised the bar in the PM world. The weapons feel like new instruments of distruction. These new changes make Netplay new again. Each weapon is radically different from what you are used to, so be prepared for a whole new level of carnage.

*NOTE* If you experience trouble with the SMG try trashing your Inf prefs, and reinstalling Marathon Infinity.

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S'pht Rebellion for Infinity by Randall J. Currie

• A model for Infinity, but ment to be played also on Marathon 2, as long as the extra files for Infinity are used. This model creates a new story for infinity

"With the return of the S'pht'Kr clan, the S'pht compilers have finally

begun their long awaited rebellion against the slavers." The player has a few modifications, but many alien friend/enemy tags have been modified.

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