The adventure continues...

M A R A T H O N  2

After taking care of business on the starship Marathon, you are placed in a stasis where time stands still. After 17 years in this comatose state, Durandal, a computer capable of sentient thoughts, releases you from your beauty nap. Apparently, Durandal has decided that you should be the one to save the world from the alien race known as the Pfhor. Landing on the planet of Lh'owon, you set out to uncover secrets of a lost clan belonging to one of the planet's ancient races. Naturally, you know nothing, except for one thing: your reflexes are the only thing that'll keep you alive and maybe, just maybe, when it's all over, you'll figure out just who or what you were dealing with.

inside mac games   1996 (vol 4, issue 1&2)

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