Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Whatever You Please

Neither High nor Low...

Whatever You Please is the second of the so-called "dream" levels which follow the Electric Sheep levels. It has three paths... one high, one low... and one in the middle! Indeed the third path allows you to get to the final terminal in about one minute flat... but more on that later!

Created by Randy Reddig Whatever You Please was initially so hard that it had to be toned down before final release. The original low path was allegedly as hard as the high path is today and the original high path was... well... impossible for "mere mortals" as Chris Geisel put it. Even toned down this level is one of the more frustrating of the Infinity levels. Unlike Eat the Path if you fall into the lava you're history... so skilful footwork is called for.

Greg Kirkpatrick in a post on described a trick for completing the high path. Greg wrote:

...the trick that I referred to allows you to use the save terminal at on the "low" path.. Basically, go through the whole thing on the low path, using that save terminal. Then when you get to the end, you can jump down to the place that you started the level on (you weren't there for very long b/c you teleported immediately).. From here you can go back and do the high path w/o having to fight all the invisible compilers, because you'll have killed them all.

Of course real Vidmasters will want to do the high path straight out. None of this wussie clean out the level first stuff. Poenas dare! ;-)

But there is also another path. A path which is neither high nor low, but a combination of both - a middle path. By following this third path - points A, B, and C on the map below - you can get to the final terminal in roughly one minute. Which path should you take? Whatever you please! Remember in Infinity the rules were meant to be broken.

neither high nor low... is a set of three films showing the third path! Three films? Yeah!... like the number three is important in Infinity! ;-)

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