Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: We're Everywhere

Two doors to open... one panel to smash...

My mission on We're Everywhere was to open a pair of large external doors. Durandal was quite clear about it:

The Pfhor have almost been exterminated here, but I need you to open a pair of huge external doors so that we can land heavy machinery by shuttle.

Two doors to open... two switches to activate... where had I heard that before?

Oh the lies... the lies...

"Forget the Bobs" Durandal had said, "they were simply a diversion". "Hit the water running, head right, between the three pillars and locate a long forgotten service elevator", (point A on the map below). At the top would be Commander Blake and a squad of men. They'd lead me to the doors and the switches.

Ah yes... Robert Blake... from Sanitation. Mr Clean they had called him back on Tau Ceti. Nothing would stick to Mr Clean. The shit sure hit the fan when the Pfhor arrived. But old Blakey boy had landed on his two feet, got a cushy number with Durandal... now it was "Commander" Blake. But I had your number Blakey boy! As soon as I arrived you teleported right on out... leaving the rest of your men to face certain death. You won't be so lucky next time we meet...

Thank God for the S'pht though. Durandal had said they would be putting up a poor fight.

It must seem peculiar, fighting the S'pht when they are whom you seek to free. You should be told that they deliberately fight poorly, that they are constantly resisting their slavers.

Some even went so far as to duke it out with some Hunters. Unlucky for them... but luckly for me. I don't think the Pfhor knew what was really going on down there. Then neither did Durandal. I mean... two switches... the Big D was slipping and I knew it. Only one panel to smash (point B) and the job was done.

Two doors to open... one panel to smash... (.sit or .zip) is a film showing how it was done. Just under two minutes... not bad... for an old-timer.

At point C on the map is a raised alcove containing 14 Shotgun Cartridges (in two neat rows of seven each!). If you think it's impossible to reach these under Vidmaster rules since you have no weapons to get you up there then think again. John Sumner <> demonstrates a method for reaching the alcove in his film of this level. You can grab it here (.sit or .zip). Nice Vid tip.:-)

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