Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: One thousand thousand slimy things

Very impressive

One thousand thousand slimy things is another of those big sprawling Infinity levels and one that can be infuriatingly difficult to complete. Sharp-shooting Bob will expertly whittle down your shields before you say "Bob's Your Uncle!". It's at times like these that you wish Durandal had switched off life support in Boomer's stasis chambers just like on... but that's another story.

You objective here is to serve the whim of High Admiral Tfear. Tfear informs you at the end of By Committee:

The troopers await only my command. You will lead them into the breach.
If you are successful, I may consider granting you a lifetime of
slavery, and if you are killed, so be it.

A lifetime of slavery eh? As if serving Durandal and Tycho wasn't bad enough. Of course in Infinity you can choose your own path. So don't bend the rules... break them. Find a different path... eat the path!

Todd Keating <> demonstrates a new path through One thousand thousand slimy things completing it in just over a minute and a half. One Slimy Thing is a no hits film and involves a difficult grenade climb at point A on the map below. It's quite superb and as Tfear says at the final terminal

Very impressive. The primary function of intelligence is the
subordination of our instinctive desires, the mark of a strong species.

Yup... you curbed your desires to whup Bob's ass. ;-)

Michio Hashimoto (Miha) <> also demonstrates an excellent Vid tip for this level in his Infinity package Miha's_INFINITY_AllLevels.sit.hqx Miha shows a quick way to access the secret weapons/ammo room. It also involves a bit of deft grenade climbing. Great stuff. We won't tell you how he did it.

Some interesting things about this level.

Water, water, everywhere, nor any air to breath (apologia Samuel Taylor Coleridge). For all the water on this level there are no oxygen rechargers. So stay out of the water. ;-) Seriously though if you spend too much time swimming around you could find youself in a spot of bother. So don't fall in too much.

The original design of the level is Chris Geisel's. Chris wrote:

One thousand thousand slimy things. The title comes from Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner...

The amazing fight scene at the beginning between the Troopers and the Bobs was orchestrated by Greg Kirkpatrick. Great fun to watch. Just don't get in the way. ;-)

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