Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Nuke and Pave

What About Strauss?

Nuke and Pave is not the most awe inspiring of levels. Indeed part of the level is based on the net level "No Disintegrations" which adds to its pedestrian feel. Your objective on this level is also never made clear which further adds to feeling that it is simply a level filler. The only terminal is at the end where we learn that Bernhard Strauss is in fact dead but had he lived he would be 'begging to die'. Which goes some way to explaining the level's original name.

Nuke and Pave does however contain one tricky part. The raised switch at point A on the map cannot be easily reached when vidding this level. Under normal circumstances you would simply trigger the switch with an appropriate weapon. Unfortunately there are no weapons on this level. So how do you reach the switch?

Jim Mitchell <> showed that it was possible to reach the switch by jumping from the raised platform at point B in his vid package Marathon2 TC JimM films (.sit or .zip). However it's not easy to do as Jim's film demonstrates.

An excellent Vid tip for getting to this switch was first shown by Michio Hashimoto (a.k.a Miha) <> in his package marathon mihas m2 tc files (.sit or .zip). Before entering the switch room Miha grabs the invincibility power-up at point C and allows himself to be pounded up the switch by the cyborg tanks. Very simple. But then again that's the way tips should be. As Durandal would say:

What fun to watch you work.

Just Vid It - With Style! :-)

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