Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Where are monsters in dreams

Hard to Kill?

Where are monsters in dreams is the first of the so-called "dream" levels which follow the Electric Sheep levels.

Concerning this level Chris Geisel (Double Aught Software) wrote:

This was a real concept map, where Greg was trying to make something that looked organic using light and dark shading. It was supposed to be unnerving rather than deadly, especially the invisible S'pht defenders firing those ghostly trails of disks out of the shadows at you.

When vidding this level most people ignore the invisible S'pht'Kr Defenders and high-tail it for the final terminal. This is on the mistaken belief that the S'pht'Kr are hard to kill. Not so. You are given a Rocket Launcher on this level (point A on the map below) for a reason. Use it... make somebody pay! Remember in Infinity the rules were meant to be broken. Kill a S'pht'Kr today... tomorrow it could be you! Unfortunately you only get six rockets so make them all count. :-)

Only dead monsters in dreams! is a film showing you how to kill the invisible S'pht'Kr Defenders with one rocket each on Total Carnage. Six rockets, six dead guys, and no hits... the way it should be. Just Vid It - With Style!

Note: the aliens that appear on your motion detector on this level are in fact visible S'pht'Kr on inaccessible overlapping areas. Their presence is designed to disorientate you. Don't be fooled. Use the Vid!

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