Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Come and Take your Medicine

...stay on the course I've plotted...

Come and Take your Medicine is one of the most bizarre of all the Marathon levels. Here you have this immense level with a complex network of underwater passageways with lifts and an extensive outdoor area, and all you're expected to do is to follow Durandal's short prescribed path. Why? Well Durandal says:

You should be extremely careful to stay on the
course I've plotted because this is a
heavily guarded facility, and your presence
will make offense.

Oh yeah! Heavily guarded? As if the path Durandal recommends isn't heavily guarded... sheesh. Was Durandal lying to us again? Never look back, never stop... (.sit or .zip) is a short film showing a different path. It uses the underwater passageways. It's a no hits film. Where are all the Pfhor? Ask Durandal. ;-)

Some interesting things about this level.

First off the initials of the creator appear in the terminals. gjk stands for "gregory john kirkpatick". Yup this is a Greg Kirkpatrick level. You'll also find the name bernal in there too - Mark Bernal (Bungie artist).

Strangely given all the waterways there is no oxygen recharger. This still catches newbies out. Paddling around in those pools may be fun but you can waste precious oxygen. And you need it at the beginning of the next level. Of course if you had followed Durandal's instructions you would never have gone in the pools in the first place.

Like Greg's Marathon level G4 Sunbathing if you drop into the outside courtyard area you'll have your hands full. Finding your way back to the beginning also involves taking a water dip. Again if you're short on oxygen this can be tricky. There is a door in the courtyard area but it's for Pfhor only. Ask nicely maybe they'll let you in. ;-) Of course if you had followed Durandal's instructions you would have never gone in the courtyard in the first place.

This is the first level with Troopers on it. Ooouch! Just like Greg to give you only one recharger and only a 1X to boot. Come and take your medicine... vidboi! Of course if you had followed Durandal's instructions you would not have met heavy resistance in the first place. Or would you? ;-)

Lots of other interesting things about this level. But that's for another day. :-)

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