Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: Charon Doesn't Make Change

Another Greg Kirkpatrick level and another apparent test for Vidmasters. At location A on the map below is a raised walkway leading to a narrow alcove. Behind a secret door in the alcove you'll find a hidden Magnum. But how do you reach it under Vidmaster rules? There are no other weapons on this level so no way of launching yourself up there. A puzzle indeed. But a terminal message provides a clue!

Directive from Garrison Command//Hlford
To: Leader, Station 29-s

Warning: Damage to dam on the Minor River
has caused severe damage to the water
system in zone 6, and flooding of this same
river could cause catastrophic damage
(?sarcasm) to station 29-s within two

Station 29-s has been ordered to evacuate
to Garrison Command

Taking advantage of the fact that Station 29-s (i.e. Charon Doesn't Make Change) floods John Sumner <> shows us how to reach the Magnum is this film (.sit or .zip). It only works when the level floods and involves taking a hit but that's the price you pay for accessing the secrets left by Greg Kirkpatrick. Show all secrets... it's the Vid way!

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