Vidmaster Tips & Tricks: The Big House

Thank God It's You!

A Vid Tip for the The Big House?!!! You've got to be kidding. ALL you have to do is hide in the corner and wait to be rescued.

HIDE in the corner?!!!... WAIT to be rescued?!!! What are you? Some sort of wussboi?

Take the fight to the Pfhor. If you get and keep the Enforcers' attention from the outset the Fighters will most likely be hit by alien weapon fire. If you do it correctly you'll berserk one or more Fighters who will then attack the offending Enforcer. It's also advantageous to keep the Enforcers bunched behind the Fighters at point A on the map below. That way the first three Bobs stand a better chance of getting some shots in. How do you keep the Enforcers bunched together? Ah!... that's a Vid thing... be one with the Vid!

Interesting to note that there are seven Pfhor guarding you and the Bobs arrive in threes. Seven and three... those magic numbers again.

bobs 7 - pfhor 3 (.sit or .zip) is a film showing you how to get out of The Big House with a little more Style! It's about 37 seconds long. Only 3 Bobs get wasted. Go on save some Bobs today! Tomorrow it could be you!

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