Who's a Spazeroid?

Spaze • roid: \ Spaze-roid \ noun (c. 1994): Bungie Software's definition of someone who plays Marathon on an easy level.

The Marathon Vidmasters' Page uses the term Spazeroid to include people who:

Spazeroid Zone
- Mene, Mene Tekel Upharsin -

A set of Marathon films by Fusion/Pfhyde claimed to be on TC using fists only. They were originally found linked here but they've gone now. But you can still get them from this site here. Make your own mind up.

Claude Errera <errera@ese.ogi.edu> writes to point out that all but one of the 15 Fusion/Pfhyde films are on Normal. Claude used the Marathon Film Renamer program to determine this. The remaining film which is on Total Carnage is unfortunately incomplete.

The following are some Marathon Infinity films found (16th Sept '97) in the Vid Masters Films section of the Marathon Hyperarchive Hotline (RuGGeR's Tavern). They are by "whipass" and "Zender". Make your own mind up.

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