May 29, 2018 (Tuesday)

Aaron Freed <> writes to point out that he has created a YouTube
channel for the Vidmaster page's films. You can find it here.

He writes:

I've been encoding videos from the Vidmaster page and putting them up on YouTube. I've uploaded
Dr John Sumner's entire Infinity pack and all of his M2 films through "Kill Your Television"
("Where the Twist Flops" is encoding as we speak). I know someone else was encoding the films
awhile back, but they stopped a long time ago, and in any case, I don't think the encodes were
as high quality; I've been doing these in full 1080p with Goran's HD textures and a few other

He goes on to say:

I won't be able to do this for the M1 films, unfortunately, as Aleph One doesn't support
M1 film playback, and it's unlikely it ever will. I'll have to emulate MacOS 8 or 9 and
run them in vanilla Marathon. Hopefully I can at least get them in 1024x768, but I haven't
run vanilla Marathon in a long time and don't recall what options it supports.

I'm hoping to upload the entire archive (or as much of it as possible - there are a few films
I haven't been able to get to run) by the end of the year. (The films take a long time to
encode, and starting in August or so I won't have as much free time as I do now.) I'll also
put the Rubicon and Tempus Irae film archives up (at least the solo films), and possibly films
from other scenarios if people send them to me.

The other YouTube channel that Aaron refers to is still up and can be found here.
It contains some of the earliest Vidmaster films from the first game.

Popcorn time. :)

Feb 11, 2018 (Sunday)

Cody Miller <> writes concerning the Convergent Series and lays
another mystery to rest. See the Convergent Series for details.

Brazilian Marathon... NO not what you think. RADIX <> writes:

After much searching, I've finally found some Marathon-related stuff from Brazilian mags.
Most of it's not actually from Computer & Games, from where these were scanned (by the folks
at Datassette, not me); that's for a different post.

Top is a demo disc advert by Z Movie Studio; bottom is a two-page advert for various
Win95 games (second page included mostly for completion). I can't read much Portuguese,
but I can tell that the M2 blurb describes the player as the "prisoner of the computer Durandal"
or something to that effect.

A bunch of Marathon-related things from MacMania issues 12 (Jan. '95), 22 (Feb. '96), and
32 (Jan. '97). Not necessarily in order, and mostly from larger features on multiple games.
All borrowed from Datassette.

The "Matar ou Morrer" article jokes(?) about a Marathon 4 and talks a bit about the three
games that used Marathon 2's engine: Damage Inc., Prime Target, and ZPC.

Details about Marathon 4 can be found <A HREF = "http~fxf´f`~Fxff´xf~~~~ here</A>

So we are all set for next Christmas thanks to Nathanial Krell <>. He went
back in time and uncovered Battle Cat's long lost Christmas Aboard the Marathon and The 12 Days of Marathon Christmas.

Only 316 days to go folks. :)

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