Mar 8, 2017 (Wednesday)

Bruce Morrison <> writes:

The game No Man's Sky (an amazing procedurally generated epic space game) is putting out
a huge update (probably will go live later today Wed, or Thurs). In their trailer to show
off the new features they show off a base they constructed. Check out their wall decals:

Like an old dream.

In a Story forum post President People <> writes:

Out of curiosity, I checked the Infinity demo's Sounds file against the full version.
Not much to write home about: all of the new sound slots are 8-bit, and a few random
VacBob quotes are transposed with another in the same group for some reason. One new
thing I did find though, in VacBob's first Trash Talk slot (later replaced with "I got 'im!"):

"Nasty!", he says. I wonder which hard death animation VacBob saw. Shame it's only in 8-bit.

Can't remember if the Infinity demo's been covered before, but I definitely didn't see this
in the Sounds section.

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