Athens Outpost

The most popular single level Marathon Map ever...

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Athens Outpost is a single level map used with Marathon v1.2. It will work with other versions yet the terminal patch included will not work, therefore this level will not make sense and may even crash. This is a single player level that should work fine with the original physics model. Please feel free to experiment with it, i.e. try it as a network level (you will of course have to modify it) as it has many open spaces as well as confined space.

The setting before this level is that you have just finished cleaning up the Marathon when a message comes in from the colony. They tell you that before the pfhor arrived the colony lost contact with the remote communications station, Athens, located in the asteroid belt. Since this happens routinely they didn't think anything was wrong..... Therefore its your job to see what happened. You take a shuttle to the outpost, dream about your dad or something, and teleport down. Knowing something is wrong, because the main shield is down and there is no communication, you made sure to teleport were your computer detected the least amount of life readings.....

I would like to thank Bungie, Steve Israelson (pfhorte rules since this map was created with v1.0d8 and 1.0d9), Dan Walkowski (mia's cool too v0.9), and everyone who posts on csmg.


James Brewter

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