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Essential Marathon Nodes

Jim and David's Map Page

All the goods and support for our maps for the Marathon Universe: Athens Outpost, USS Raider and our Mega-opus Operation Tantalus.


If you could get a degree in MARATHON, this would be a required text. More than a dictionary and almost an encyclopedia devoted to Marathon, if it is factual or hypothetical, accepted or debated, Hamish Sinclair has some piece of information that covers it!
MARATHON HYPERARCHIVE NORTHWEST An essential stop for those who want to expand their experience in the Marathon Universe. A plethora of maps resides here for your entertainment as well as some cool info.
BUNGIE INTERGALACTIC SOFTWARE Marathon's Prometheal Progenetors. Busy as they are making the game we all know and love, they still had time to make a Web site. Thanks, Bungie!
MARATHON CENTRAL This site is a well-rounded location full of utilities and information to boost your Marathon experience to new levels.
MACINTOSH 3D GAME RESOURCES A site dedicated to more than just Marathon stuff. Macintosh maniacs will lose themselves in the infostream.



Generic Mac games group that has some good discussions regarding Marathon.

After repeated requests, UNM finally added AGM to their collection. YEAH!